Parent Reviews

Mrs. Herring was so proactive in my son’s learning. She knew exactly what he needed to help him excel, and with the most caring spirit. Gabriel felt very valued and loved while in her class. We look forward to having her be ALL our kids’ preschool teacher!

Miranda Stephens

Mrs. Herring always went above and beyond our expectations each and every day of Pre-K. Having a 4 year old who had recently been diagnosed with “high functioning autism” was challenging for us and him to say the least, but Mrs. Herring never looked at him as a challenge, she saw it as an opportunity to show him how to exceed higher than we could have ever imagined in his preschool year. We can’t thank her enough for going out of her way and thinking outside the box with us to make sure he received the best preschool education possible.

Jerrica Lee

We love Mrs. Herring as a teacher! She was the first one who was able to get thru to him when he would get frustrated and shut down. He loved her, and still does! She also always communicated to us, no matter if it was a good day or a bad day! I could not recommend a better teacher.

Crystal Collier

Both my two older children had Mary Kennelley as their Pre K teacher. She is kind, caring and attentive to the kids in her care while pushing them to do their best work and challenging them every day. Mrs. Kennelley always communicated very well with us regarding our children and we always felt like we could come to her with any questions or concerns we had with them. As a parent, you want the very best for your children and we definitely feel like they got it with Mrs. Kennelley. She made our Pre K experience wonderful and gave our kids a great head start!

Meghan Walton

Mrs. Kennelley is absolutely amazing! Two of my kids were in her pre-k class and all three have been in her Sunday school class. She’s a wonderful teacher! She not only does a great job teaching, but also makes sure that every child knows that they are important and cared for. She will always have a very special place in all of our hearts.

Brandy Fowler

Mrs. Kennelley has been my son’s pre-k teacher this year. My husband and I have personally have been so encouraged by the way she teaches our son. She is highly skilled and trained to work with children. She demonstrates excellence both in her classroom and outside. She instills confidence in her children and works hard to see each child grow and reach their full potential. We are very thankful she was chosen to be our son’s teacher.

Julie Kandal